About us

We are a young, non-profit non-governmental organization, established in November 2015.

We are young, innovative and experienced scientists.

We wish to support nature conservation and encourage the transition to its sustainable management.

We aim to change people's conception of nature not as a resource to be used, but a gift that enables our survival. Which is why we need to understand and protect it carefully.

Our vision is a world where people will understand the impact that we have on nature with everything that we do, will respect it for that and will use its services sustainably.

Blaž Cokan

Blaž Cokan, B.Sc. in Geography

Our experienced Director Blaž is a geographer and co-founder of the Institute REVIVO. He has nine years of experience working at the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia (FRIS), where he worked from 2006 to 2013 starting as a high school and later a university student. In 2013, he founded a private company and worked additional 2 years as a visiting fellow at the same institute. During his time at FRIS he participated in the general work of the institute and a number of research projects, including monitoring and determining fish population status, assessment of anthropogenic impacts on the environment and offered overal professional support in the context of geographic information systems (ESRI ArcGIS).

In his spare time a passionate sailor and fisherman, he spends every vacation at sea or fly fishing. He is a great chef and he believes that a life without the fresh Adriatic squid on the plate is not a life at all.
You can check out his references here.

Polona Pengal

Polona Pengal, PhD in Biology

Polona is always full of energy, using every given moment for developing diverse ideas and creating in different areas of life. A doctor of biology, always optimistic and excited, is the right choice for ecological research and environmental protection projects. In love with the water and the underwater world, fighting for the better tommorrow of fish and other marine and freshwater animals with all of her heart and soul.

She worked for 6 years at the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia, where she was appointed to the Marine Department. She worked as expert adviser to the Ministry for agriculture, forestry and food on fisheries resrouces management, fisheries monitoring and performed a number of research projects. She was also contributing to freshwater fish research and monitoring activities, both in the filed and writing reports.
Polona's work did not prevent her from continuing her studies at the University of Ljubljana, and she successfully completed her PhD in 2013 with the thesis Effect of mariculture on the fish assemblages in the Portorož fisheries reserve.

In her free time occupied to the last second with all kinds of sports and a wide variety of activities... She likes animals and nature, all the time in search of something new and interesting, always finds time for her friends, music, sometimes even for a movie... She never says "no" to any debate about nature, science, humankind, space... You can find her resume and references at one of the public profile sites:

Research gate

Elena Štendler

Elena Štendler, B.Sc. in Biology

is a biologist, currently a volunteer with REVIVO, ready to jump in at any moment, if only in her power. She believes that learning and gaining new knowledge is a lifelong process, continuing from birth to death, but the greatest emphasis should be given on educating the youth, since the personality is mostly developed in this period of life. She loves nature, so she gives her best trying to live and work in harmony with it. She is convinced that a big change in lifestyle of most of the people in the world is required to secure our survival in the future.
In her spare time she is a passionate gardener and sportswoman who loves movement, a variety of activities in nature, as well as fruit and vegetables, which are produced in the most natural way. She spends as much time as possible in nature. You can see her curriculum vitae and referenceshere.

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As an NGO our activities highly depend on the support of people that care about nature. You can help us by volunteering, donations, spreading the word,...

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