Nature conservation is a way of life!

At Institute REVIVO we strive to conserve aquatic ecosystems through research and awareness raising activities -

both freshwater and marine environments.

brown trout - Salmo trutta

Help revive Nature !

We are convinced that nature conservation is not a job or a service performed by trained professionals but rather a way of life. We affect nature on every step of our daily lives in one way or the other, but we rarely realize the short, yet alone long term impacts of our actions. We can support nature enormously by simply choosing to go about our daily routines with nature in mind.

As an NGO our activities highly depend on the support of people that care about nature. You can help us by volunteering, donations, spreading the word,...

I want to help.


We appreciate the complexity of reviving the nature, therefore we focus our nature conservation efforts in three main pillars that will together lead us to the final goal - living in harmony:

  • We provide the essential scientific basis for renaturation measures through ichthyological and aquatic ecosystems research.
  • With education and awareness raising of the general public and professionals we plant the seeds of change in people's perception of nature not as a resource to be spent, but as a gift to be valued. Thus, we try to align the needs of both, people and nature.
  • By implementing renaturation measures we revive and conserve the nature and life which is the last step in the process of reviving nature.
Services description

About us

We are a young, non-profit non-governmental organization, established in November 2015.

We are young, innovative and experienced scientists.

We wish to support nature conservation and encourage the transition to its sustainable management.

We aim to change people's perception of nature not as a resource to be used, but a gift that enables our survival. Which is why we need to understand and protect it carefully.

Our vision is a world where people will understand the impact that we have on nature with everything that we do, will respect it for that and will use its services sustainably.

Blaž Cokan

Blaž Cokan, B.Sc. in Geography

With experience and a great ammount of patience our co-founder and Executive Director Blaž provides the working conditions in our organization to realize the projects that Polona develops.

Executive director

Polona Pengal

Polona Pengal, PhD in Biology

Polona is a co-founder of Institute REVIVO and the brains behind our projects. She finds opportunities for research and improvement everywhere.

Scientific Director

Elena Štendler

Elena Štendler, B.Sc. in Biology

Currently a volunteer, Elena has just participated in a project application to implement nature conservation field workshops in schools, since she is an experinced youth worker.

Youth worker


Since our birthday in November 2015 we have succesfully completed one project,
we are currently implementing 3, but we are also developing and applying for new ones both on the national and international levels.

Current projects

Current projects

We are currently running 3 projects and applying for additional 3.

Fish monitoring in the Bobovek pond

We were successful in the competition to perform fish monitoring of the Bobovek pond near Kranj. We will use the standardized method of gill-netting and electrofishing to assess the status of the fish community in the pond and set the reference for future monitoring. Volunteers are wormly invited to join us.

I want to help

Behavioral study: marble vs. rainbow trout

An international team of scientists in association with the Fishing Club Idrija will compare farm raised marble and rainbow trout behavior in the Idrijca River using telemetry. The project is voluntary, so we are raising funds to cover at least travel and accomodation as well as some essential equipment through the Experiment crowdfunding platform. You can support us by donating at the following link.

Behavioral study

NAture Insurance: Assessment and Demonstration

We successfully applied to the largest European call for research proposals - Horizon 2020 with the NAIAD project in which we cooperate with 22 project partners from 10 EU countries. The project will develop the methodology and demonstrate the effectiveness of nature based solutions for water related challenges. We will present the methods and their effectiveness to the general and professional public in Slovenia on the Glinščica case study.

Electrofishing exotic species - Tivoli

Completed projects

We successfully completed our first project in April 2017, but more will follow soon.

Exotic species removal - Tivoli

We performed the first electrofishing of exotic species in the Tivoli pond in Ljubljana in the first week of April in cooperation with Municipality of Ljubljana, Institute for Nature Conservation and Fishing Club Barje.

Electrofishing Tivoli

All around

Here, you can read about the activities and events that we either
organize or attend.

Enjoying Vipava River

River Basin Adaptation Conference

The final conference of the BEWATER project - Society Adapting to Global Change was organized by IZVRS. The field trip offered magnificent views of the valley...


Tivoli Pond

Clean the pond

Upon request from MOL, we performed electrofishing of exotic species from the Tivoli pond.

Helping frongs across the street

Safe crossing

We volunteered with the Herpetological Society to erect protective fences for amphibian crossings around Ljubljana.

1st NAIAD project meeting

1, 2, 3, GO !

The Kick-off meeting of the NAIAD project was organized in Valladolin, Spain...



You can reach us over regular or e-mail, phone or fill in the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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